今晚六给彩开奖结果l Amplify your system?

Amplifiers for any need: From ultra-high performance to cost-optimized

Operational amplifiers (op amps)

Large portfolio spanning high speed, precision, audio and general purpose


Diverse offering with wide supply ranges, low supply currents and fast rise/fall times

Instrumentation amplifiers

High gain accuracy, DC precision and great CMRR for a wide range of applications

Current sense amplifiers

Current sensing solutions with high accuracy, integration and ease of use

Programmable/variable gain amplifiers (PGA/VGA)

Dynamically adjust the gain of your circuit to meet your system needs

Special function amplifiers

Highly specialized amplifiers such as transimpedance, difference and RF gain block

Browse by amplifier features


Reach top performance with amps optimized for speed and precision

Small size

Design smaller systems with some of the world's tiniest amplifiers

Low power

Extend battery lifetimes and lower battery capacity with low-power amps


Maximize efficiency using Q100-qualified auto amps


Enable a variety of audio systems using our large portfolio of audio amps

Technical resources

TI training

On-demand amplifier training, including TI Precision Labs - Op Amps, which includes more than 40 hands-on videos

Op amp circuits

Explore a comprehensive library of op amp sub-circuit ideas that you can easily adapt to meet your specific system needs - including a free e-book

Analog Pocket Reference

E-book putting commonly used analog formulas at your fingertips

Parametric cross reference

Search for any suppliers' op amps to find similar TI devices by parameter

WEBENCH? Filter Designer

Design, optimize and simulate complete multi-stage active filter solutions in minutes


Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve problems with fellow engineers in TI's E2E? Community