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CISPR 25 Class 5 Rated Multi-Output Power Supply

Design is a conducted EMI optimized multi-output power supply for automotive cluster units. The power supply has a pre-boost stage for cold crank and start-stop operation and two buck regulators

CISPR 25 Class 5 Rated 3W SEPIC

MP9481 is a conducted EMI optimized (CISPR 25 Class 5) 3W SEPIC converter for wide range Vin automotive applications using the LM5001 regulator IC.

Entry Level Head Unit Display Audio with Jacinto?

Focused on system-level cost savings, this six-layer design reduces PCB costs through an optimized via breakout scheme, integration of key features and an optimized power distribution network.

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Automotive Processors

Scalable hardware & software solutions for ADAS, digital cockpit & infotainment

Audio solutions

More than 30 years of proven audio innovation with best-in-class systems expertise

Interface solutions

Complete portfolio of interface ICs delivering efficient, robust and reliable communication

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