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TI drives your innovative motor control design by helping you create more precise, reliable motor drive and control system designs with the highest power efficiency.

  • Accurate control: Unmatched portfolio of precise analog technologies to control position, torque and speed combined with advanced signal processing for accurate, real-time motor control
  • High reliability and long lifespan: Best-in-class isolation technology with increased lifetime and isolation ratings
  • More efficiency: Innovative power and motor control and drive solutions reduce power consumption, while achieving highest efficiency alongside integration and advanced approaches for switching supplies that lead to a smaller global energy footprint
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Featured reference designs

High EMC Immunity Interface Reference Design

This high EMC immunity reference design demonstrates a RS-485 transceiver to use on both the drive and within encoders such as: EnDat 2.2, BiSS?, Tamagawa?, etc. and EMC immunity.

Smart Brake Control/Diagnostics Reference Designs

This reference design implements safe brake control functionality in servo drives as per IEC EN 61800-5-2 by providing two channel output signals to control an external holding brake.

Three-Phase High PWM Frequency Reference Design

The TIDA-00915 design is a 3-phase inverter for driving 200-V AC servo motors with 2 kWPEAK. It features 600 V and a 12-A LMG3410 gallium nitride (GaN) power module with an integrated FET/gate driver.


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