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TI builds efficiency into power conversion & industrial energy storage systems, allowing designers to create more energy efficient, reliable power designs with a higher power density.

  • Energy efficiency: Our subsystem solutions enable power conversions with higher energy efficiency at both full load and standby conditions.
  • Power density: By using leading technology such as GaN, we provide innovative and cost effective power conversion solutions with high power density.
  • Reliability: Our intelligent and reliable solutions protect against short circuit, redundancy, and over temperature faults, helping data centers operate 24/7.
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Featured reference designs

Highly Efficient Converter Reference Design

High frequency Critical-Conduction-Mode (CrM) Totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) is a simple approach for designing high density power solutions using GaN.

180-W, Dual-Channel, Step-Down Converter Design

The TIDA-01444 reference design for server PSU, PC PSU, and other step-down converter applications implements a 180-W buck, dual-channel DC-DC converter with a regulatory 12-V DC input voltage.

450W AC/DC Reference Design with Single-Layer PCB

This reference design is a 450W high-efficiency and super transient AC/DC converter for desktop PC PSUs, gaming PC PSUs, entry-level server PSUs, and other low-cost AC/DC PSUs.


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