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End-to-end audio solutions for any system need

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Broadest audio portfolio

Widest range of devices, from amplifiers, processors, converters and switches, for automotive, personal electronics and professional audio applications

Proven history of innovation

Proven history of innovation

Based on the TI Burr Brown? audio legacy and more than 30 years of enabling customer differentiation and innovation

Industry's best support

Industry's best support

Comprehensive library of reference designs, hardware, software and online technical support to get you to market faster

Focus on automotive audio

Focus on automotive audio

A variety of amplifiers, converters and interface devices with AEC-Q100 qualification for demanding automotive applications

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High-performance, easy-to-use audio amplifier ICs, including Class-D, integrated headphone amps, speaker amps, audio op amps and Smart Amps, across a wide range of output power

Low-power, high performing audio converters that translate between the analog and digital domains

Interface devices, including line drivers, line receivers, transceivers and SRCs that easily transfer audio data and signals between system modules

Broad portfolio of processors, industry-proven software and audio-based reference designs for voice user interface, home audio, professional audio and automotive audio applications

Specialty audio ICs, including audio switches, PWM modulators, volume control ICs and more to help solve unique audio system design challenges and complete your audio solution