Diversity in STEM

今晚六给彩开奖结果l www.dapenggj.com We believe diversity fuels innovation and makes our employees, our company and our industry stronger and more innovative. One mind finding solutions to the world’s problems is powerful, but a team of minds is limitless. Finding creative solutions to problems requires diverse perspective, and it’s up to the next generation of thinkers to shape the future of our world.

That’s why we support STEM education programs in the communities where we operate. We’re passionate about empowering young innovators and encouraging all students, including girls and minorities who are underrepresented in our STEM fields today, to be problem-solvers.

Engage kids with STEM, or start down your own path of STEM involvement. 今晚六给彩开奖结果l for resources and to find out how TI encourages diversity – in all of its forms -- to fuel innovation.

TI Diversity e-book(PDF, 1.74MB)