One to watch: TI role model is igniting a spark in tomorrow’s female engineers


今晚六给彩开奖结果l We believe education fosters growth of individuals, of companies, of economies. To equip today’s generation to become tomorrow’s problem-solvers, we must grow the pipeline of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-capable students. We are doing this by investing in education initiatives and areas that help both teachers and students alike love, understand and apply STEM subjects toward real-world issues.

In the U.S., we advocate at the local, state and national levels for legislation that improves and provides better access to STEM education. This includes focusing STEM grants in opportunities that will better prepare girls, Hispanics and African Americans, traditionally under-represented in STEM fields.

Worldwide we encourage the use of our technology that helps teachers teach and students learn. It is our belief that fun, interactive learning tools and resources nurture natural curiosity in how and why things work, inspiring future engineers, and even tomorrow’s scientists, mathematicians, doctors and teachers.

We mobilize our employees worldwide to volunteer their time and talent to complement company efforts to foster education, which includes ensuring students are STEM-capable. It is in our DNA to get involved.

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