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High voltage isolation for robust and reliable system operation

Digital Isolators & Digital Isolators + Power

Reinforced and basic isolators, including isolators with integrated power, to transmit bit streams up to 100 Mbps over the isolation barrier.

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Isolated Interface

Used to isolate the digital interface to the uC from the communication bus.

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Isolated Gate Drivers

Reinforced and basic isolated gate drivers used to efficiently charge MOSFET, IGBT, and SiCFET gates.

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Isolated ADC & Amplifiers

Isolated DS-modulators and isolated amplifiers used to isolate and monitor V/I parameters on high voltage nodes for control and metrology applications.

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What is TI's capacitive isolation advantage?

TI’s capacitive isolation technology enables the?industry’s highest isolation ratings and longest lifetime reliability. Discover the high performance advantages of capacitive isolation from one of TI’s high voltage technology experts.

Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Isolation

Check out this comprehensive curriculum of training videos covering everything from essential isolation parameters and certifications, to understanding how to design and troubleshoot with each type of isolation device.

Technical resources

Isolation certifications ensure that your applications meet worldwide industry standards. Use these tables to check which devices meet each certification requirement.

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system.


Isolation blog and forum

Visit our forums for technical support and subscribe to our blog for the latest how-to tips for your isolation designs.

Companion products

Low-noise, push-pull transformer drivers used to drive low-profile, center-tapped transformers from 2.25V to 5V DC.

Small, low-cost isolated DC/DC controllers and converter enable smaller more efficient high-voltage power systems from 10 to 300W.

Use 1W/2W Isolated DC/DC Modules designed for signal chain, industrial control, and data acquisition applications where isolation is required for noise immunity and/or ground loop prevention.