TI store orders

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How do I place an order on the TI store?

今晚六给彩开奖结果l www.dapenggj.com Enter the?device you are searching for in "Search ICs and tools/software" bar. If you would like, you can filter the search further with the drop down menu on the left. This will filter your search either to the full "TI store", "ICs only", or "Tools/software" depending on what you are looking for. ?

Once you find the device you are searching for, select the orderable part number including package type you desire by clicking on the "Part #" or "View" for that device. ?

Once on the orderable part number landing page, select "Buy" to add to cart.

Once you have added all the devices you plan on purchasing, select check out.

When checking out, you can change the quantity in the box pictured at the top. Then select delivery method if available. Finally, select "Checkout Now" to continue. ?

In order to ship promptly, TI requires all of the following information:

1. Please provide a full contact information (First Name?and Last Name), correct and complete Company/School Name, and URL without abbreviations. If you are not affiliated with a company or university, please use Independent Designer as your company name and www.none.com as your company URL.

2. Complete the Address Line 1. Note that TI cannot ship to Post Office boxes. TI uses carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL to deliver TI store shipments. These carriers only deliver to physical addresses. That is why you must enter a street number and name for your address.

3. For faster checkout in the future, check "Save this address in address book."

4. If you save the address, you are required to enter a name for future use.

5. If your shipping and billing addresses are different, please select "No" and complete the billing address portion.

6. Click "Next" to continue the checkout. ?

Please select your application and equipment. The US Department of State - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls imposes upon exporters specific requirements that must be met prior to exporting goods. This includes requiring TI to know certain facts about how ICs, tools, and software will be used and by whom.

If your order is to be used in a military application or by a military entity, please select yes to the "Are you or is this order requested intended for use by a military entity?" ?

Then read the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use and select "Yes" and "Next" to agree and continue checkout process. ?

1. Confirm your billing address is correct and matches the address you will use on your payment method.

2. Select from the following payment methods: credit card, PayPal, Alipay, or Apruve (United States billing address required). Then fill out your information based on your selection.

3. Select "Next" to review your order. ?

After reviewing your order and confirming the information is correct, select "Submit Order." ?

After you have successfully submited your order, you will be presented with the "Order Complete" screen. You can print this screen for your records.?Also, your "Order number" will be on this page (see highlighted). If you have any issues and need to contact TI, please have this "Order number" ready when talking to customer support.?

If you placed your order as a logged in myTI?user, you can click the "Order Status" link to check the progress of your order.

How do I reorder a previous order?

On your TI store account click "View Order," and on the right there will be a "Reorder” button. Clicking this will reload your cart with the item(s) from this order.

How do I check my order history?

To check your order history that was placed using your myTI account, log into the TI store and navigate to the “Order Status” menu option. This will take you to a summary page of all of your orders. Click the “View Order” button to see the details of your order.

If your order was placed by a TI customer support agent, you will need to enter a request to TI Customer Support for your order status.

Why am I not able to purchase the IC I need?

Not every IC in TI's product catalog is available for purchase from the TI store. In most cases, this is due to a temporary stocking issue. However, we may not stock a product for business reasons.

Please see one of the TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors for other device options or higher quantities.

Why are there quantity limits?

To ensure timely delivery and availability, most products in the TI store have an item quantity limit. If you require larger quantities than what is allowed on the TI store, please contact one of the TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors in? your region or contact TI Customer Support.

What if my shipping address is different than my billing address?

During the checkout process, you have the option to enter a different billing address by selecting no to “Is the Billing Address the same as the shipping address?” at the bottom of the Addresses screen.

Can I get Certificates of Conformance (CoC) from the TI store?

At this time, the TI store is unable to provide Certificates of Conformance (CoC) for orders placed. If you require Certificates of Conformance, you should order from one of the TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors that serves your region and can provide you with Certificates of Conformance for the items you order.?

Does TI provide date and lot codes for TI store ICs?

At this time, we are unable to provide date/lot codes for any material shipped from the TI store warehouses. Because your shipment may come from more than one lot or reel, you will need to go to this URL: http://www.dapenggj.com/lsds/ti/packaging/packaging_tools/ti_marking_convention.page to determine the date/lot codes for the devices you received. If you require date/lot codes for the parts shipped or parts with all the same date/lot codes, you should order from a TI authorized distributor?that serves your region and can provide you date/lot codes for the items you order.?

What is “Express Cart?”

Express Cart allows customers that are logged into their myTI account to load a store cart with up to 26 line items manually or via a .xls, .xlsx, or .csv?file, which?you can find templates for on the Express Cart homepage.

This file should contain orderable part numbers (including package type) and quantities. Once the cart has successfully been loaded, the customer will continue the normal checkout to complete the order. See How?do I place an order on the TI store? in this FAQ?for more instructions on the checkout process.


What is “Guest Checkout?”

Guest checkout is an order option that allows customers to check out of the TI store without creating a myTI account. If you use guest checkout, it is not possible to check the status of your order online or associate the order to your myTI account.

What should I do if I am having difficulty placing my order, have a problem with an existing order, or I get an error message?

We apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty you may be having. If the problem you are experiencing is not addressed by the FAQ topics in this document, please submit a request to TI Customer Support ?and provide as many details as possible, including your computer operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac OS, Linux), your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and any error messages you may have encountered. We will try to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Why am I required to provide my application and end equipment information?

The US Department of State - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls imposes upon exporters specific requirements that must be met prior to exporting goods. This includes requiring TI to know certain facts about how ICs, tools, and software will be used and by whom.

Why must I enter my address information in English for purchases?

When purchasing tools and/or ICs, we are required to verify that the name, company, and address submitted are not prohibited from shipment by the United States government. The systems used for validation require all names and addresses to be in English.

Can I receive tape and reel parts on one continuous piece of tape?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to ensure that your tape and reel IC order will be shipped on a single piece of tape or on a reel. If you require that your order arrive on a single piece of tape or that it be on a reel, you should order from one of the TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors??that serves your region and can provide your ICs on a single piece of tape or on a reel.

Can I place a backorder on the TI store?

In select cases, TI allows you to place backorders for tools and sample ICs. TI reserves the right to change this policy at any time. However, we do not accept backorders for purchased ICs. Orders are fulfilled First In First Out, so please do not cancel your old order and place a new one when you see the item is back in stock. If there is no date on your order status email or the Estimated Ship Date on your order status has passed, please contact 今晚六给彩开奖结果lTI Customer Support if you need further information.